222 million euro into pensioner’s account

Some are really lucky!

Imagine that on your bank account appears a large sum of money.  🙂

That’s my dream.

But I have no such luck 🙁  (Not yet)

Pensioner from Germany – Berlin, was very happy. YES because someone give him a lot of money – 222 million euro!!!

A bank clerk who nodded off at his keyboard during a transaction nearly made a client tens of millions of pounds richer.

The clerk was making a payment of 64.20 euros (£54.60) but as he fell asleep he left his finger on the number two key, accidentally putting through a payment of 22,222,222.22 euros (£189,682,360).

The payment almost went through when the supervisor who was supposed to be looking out for such mistakes allegedly failed to notice and approved the transaction.

Luckily for the bank — and the clerk — the mistake was spotted by another colleague who managed to correct it before it was too late.

Why we don’t have such bank employees!!!!!!! I don’t think that one who prevented the transfer, but that one who carried out the transfer.

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  1. poorblogger says:

    how could that clerk make that mistake?
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