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You must eat more vegetables

Alarming news is that on our tables are to little vegetables I read somewhere that recent research show that - this is Read more [...]

FIFA world CUP 2014

Boring.  All teams are disappointed! There are goals only in extra times. For every game I think it will be something Read more [...][...]

‘Drunk’ Obama body guard sent home from Amsterdam

Three U.S. Secret Service agents responsible for President Barack Obama's during his trip to Europe was sent home. One of Read more [...][...]

Something Funny

What you often search on internet? News? No!! I hate news, because there is only BAD NEWS. OK, not always but often. I Read more [...][...]

My first Marathon (42km)

Last Sunday I attended a Marathon. There were about 20 000 runners. Many time I was visited Marathon but I was run only Read more [...][...]

Urinating on fruit

Can you imagine, you are going to store and there is no toilet. No problem, but if your stomach is full of strange "fluid", Read more [...][...]

Muscles hidden under fat ?!

Everybody wanna be fit. That's true. But the problem is because we eat to much. The most people today are fat. What we Read more [...][...]